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* Changes in Version 0.2

  • lights uses bigger icons if panel is big (if a quarter of its height is > 12px).
  • "long" layout for small und very-small panels, where the textual-informations are right of the graphs and the lights (see screenshots).
    This requires relayouting if the panelsize changes, but in this case this could be done quite easy with QBoxLayout.
  • icon-pixmaps in light are static members now, saving some memory

* Changes in Version 0.3

  • commands are now startet in the background and no longer with system(3), so the applet is not halted during execution of the command.
  • added a hint to "What's this"-help in devices tab
  • derived class for RX- and Time-Display from QLabel
  • moved modemcode to a class Modem (remove obsolete ISDN code)
  • redone layout-code.
  • fixed background painting for panels with a pixmap-background

* Changes in Version 0.4

  • made the background color of the graph configurable
  • the checkback-requester if going on- or offline can be switched off
  • fixed y-range mode for graph
  • relayoutet settings-dialog

* Changes in Version 0.5

  • redone the light images (9px lights now have a real 1px frame)
  • streamlined lights class (lights are now derived from QWidget, no longer from QLabel, so it does no longer copy QPixmaps evere time the status changes)
  • corrected help for checkback-requester-checkbox

* Changes in Version 0.6

  • fixed layout for KDE 3.3.2
  • fixed bug with KDE 3.4:
    replaced system_nowait with KProcess

* Changes in Version 0.7

  • Optionaly don't let fontsize grow beyond the default fontsize for fixed-width-font.
  • Made icon scalable to three sizes (12px, 24px, 32px)

* Changes in Version 0.8

  • configurable shortcut to go on- or offline
M G Berberich · · 2004-07-25/2006-04-09