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This is a applet for the KDE-panel kicker, that watches a modem and allows to connect and disconnect the modem. It is "inspired" by modemlights (read: it's a clone). It shows:
  • the connection-state on the button (offline - awaiting connection - online)
  • two LEDs showing activity for Rx and Tx, much like a modems lights (hence the name). The update-frequency is configurable from 2 to 5 (default is 5).
  • a graph displaying Rx-volume and Tx-volume (updated every 2 seconds).
  • The bytes received per second (updated every second), as numerical value.
  • The time since the modem is online.
The colors of the lights, button-icons (await- and online- state) and the graph is configurable, and the icon that shows the state of connection comes in three sizes.
  • kmodemlights still has problems operating in a vertical panel!


The applet itself:
shown in the four kicker standard-sizes
The settings dialog:
The applet General settings Device settings Color settings Color settings


* Why?
After trying to switch from GNOME (2.4) back to KDE (3.2.0), I had to notice there are some things missing I learned to love while using GNOME. One of this was modemlights, so I decided to port it to KDE.

* And kppp?
I know there is kppp but that's not what I wanted because of the way it works. kppp assumes that the user has access to the modem and (miss-) configures his dialup-connection itself.

I feel that the dialup-connection should be configured by root and the user should simply use it. Most distributions offer tool for this, on Debian-system p.e. there is pppconfig to configure dialup-connections and pon/poff to go online and offline. A connection configured this way can be used with KDE, GNOME, twm and even in a terminal-session

frank has pointet out that, kmodemlights can be used with kppp too. To connect the command is kppp -c <provider> and to disconnect it is kppp -k -q. So kmodemlights can be used with the KDE-standard ppp-tool.

* I don't know what to put for device and lockfile!
If you do not know what to set for device and lockfile, you can try this:
Make sure you are offline and do:
ls /var/lock
/sbin/ifconfig | grep "^[^ ]"
then go online and do:
ls /var/lock
/sbin/ifconfig | grep "^[^ ]"
There should be one file more at the second ls: this is the lockfile.
There should be one line more at the output of the second ifconfig starting with ppp: this is the device.
Enter them in the preferences Device-tab.

Thanks to

  • »frank« for how to use kmodemlights with kppp.
  • »Roland Wenzel« for testing (esp. in vertical panel) and suggestions.


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