Competence and research infrastructure development

Hybrid materials in 3D printing

Hybrid materials are promising new types of composites and material composites which open up new potentials due to their special properties and by coupling with new processing technologies. A major barrier to the spread of the new technologies are interlinked questions concerning material production, novel material processing up to application-specific design requirements.
The aim of the project is to establish a cross-border technology and research platform for the production and processing of hybrid materials. TFP-HyMat represents an interregional capacity for innovation that is capable of dealing with complex and interdisciplinary issues in the field of the production and processing of hybrid materials in a coordinated form. This cooperation approach should make it possible in future to provide regional companies with a knowledge base for highly efficient production processes based on novel high-performance materials for concrete product innovations.
The present project consortium represents an expandable competence nucleus, which contains the necessary scientific disciplines to build up cooperative competence. An integrated pilot project will implement and evaluate the selected cooperation approaches for the coordinated development of competence and research infrastructure using the example of "Biogenic filaments for 3D printing". The results of the construction work (acquisition of the necessary equipment is the subject of the project) and the basic work are not subject to any restrictions on use and are disclosed via publications/transfer measures. A coupled needs assessment among companies is incorporated into the further development of the technology and research platform.



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