Cracks in glass

Crack Detection in Glass Blocks

Radioactive substances are transported in castor containers. Highly active nucular waste is to be finally stored by being melted into glass blocks. In one container there are up to 28 glass blocks. But there are cracks in the glass blocks. The quality of the glass blocks is determined by the number and the size of cracks. This means, the more and the greater the crack, the poorer the quality of the block. FORWISS had the task to find the cracks in the images of a glass block, generated with X-ray tomography.

Since the signal to noise ratio in CT-images is very small, the detection of the cracks has to pay attention to the crack structure. Intelligent segmentation algorithms like two level fitting and crack center presecution is used.

Source image Result image
Figure 1: Image of a glass block Figure 2: Result of the crack detection

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