Software for data generation and control of 3D-printers

Subproject 6 of the research cooperation for microsystem technology FORMIKROSYS II

Duration: 3 years, Jan 1st 1998 - Dec 31st 2000

In this subproject systems are developed with the help of which arbitrarily formed objects can be produced directly from computer data. Core of these systems will be piezo-electric driven micro dosing pumps, built up similarly to printheads of current inkjet printers and being of only fractions of a millimeter in size.

[image1] [image2]

With these pumps a special liquid will be dosed in micro drops on a platform where it hardens. If the computer controlles application of the drops is performed along the contour of the 3D-model, by repeating the application process in layers the desired 3D-model is formed. Compared to other generative manufacturing processes such systems will be faster, cheaper and more flexible.

FORWISS Passau develops the software for data processing and machine control.

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