Software for data generation and control of micro-stereolithography-machines

The project Micro-Stereolithography of the research network FORMIKROSYS II sets in here and wants to improve the lithography procedure in such a way in the next three years, that highly precise models can be produced reliably. To reach accuracy in the range of 0.01 mm, a new technique for layer-production and a better mapping for the laserbeam have to be developed. The MSL-machines will find a ready market in several branches of modern industry like medicines and electronics (miniature-jacks, housings for mobile telephones, etc).

At FORWISS Passau the software for data-editing and machine-control is developed.

The stereolithography process:

The stereolithography process is based on the layerwise hardening of a photo-sensitive polymer with UV-laserradiation. The following process-chain has to be traversed:

  1. Preparation of threedimensional CAD-data on the CAD-workstation
    • Placement of the CAD-objects in the workspace (s. Fig. right)
    • Slicing of the data
    • Generation of supporting structures
  2. Data transfer to the controling-computer of the MicroSL-machine
  3. Calculation of vectors representing the contours and hatches of the slices (s. Fig. below)
  4. Recoating of a thin resin-layer
  5. Selective exposure of the surface with the laser-scanner
  6. Subsiding of the building platform
  7. Repetition of the steps 4-6 until the the parts have been completed
  8. Post-processing (finishing) of the stereolithography-model (posthardening, support removing)


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