Wavefront Sensor

Software for measurement of optical aspherics based on a Shack-Hartmann sensor

Subproject 3 of the research network for microsystem-technologies FORMIKROSYS II

Duration: 3 years, 10-01-1997 - 06-31-2000

This project's target was the development and realization of a measurement device for measuring optical aspherics and other optical wavefronts. A Shack-Hartmann sensor has been used to reach this goal: This type of sensor consists of a microlens array and a CCD camera in the focal plane of the microlenses. An incoming wavefront generates a typical pattern of spots in the focal plane. By analyzing the local displacement of the spots from their ideal positions (= the position they have in the case of a plane incoming wavefront) the incoming wavefront is reconstructed.

At FORWISS Passau a special iterative splinefit algorithm has been developed that solves the association problem of spots to microlenses. For the reconstruction of the wavefront different spline reconstruction algorithms have been developed and compared to conventional reconstruction algorithms.

Example for a spot image. Detected and associated spots.

Example for a spot image.

Detected and associated spots.

Reconstructed wavefront.

Reconstructed wavefront.

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