Quality improvement of textile fabrics used for garments

The goal of this interconnection research project is to improve the quality of textile fabrics used for garments. The projects partners have come together to develop innovative and user friendly concepts first for computer aided quality-control (CAQ) in the field of garment production and second automatic inspection of textile fabric by using digital image processing. Therefore the main aspects of this research project are:

  • Part A: a basic CAQ-system for all parts of the garment production process
  • Part B: an automatic inspection system for textile fabrics

FORWISS develops in Part B an automatic system that inspects textures with cameras, detects and classifies faults in the fabrics. This automation yields unchanging, repeatable and traceable results of inspection. It is based on a catalogue of faults in the fabrics, which was produced in close collaboration of the businesses involved in QUALITEX.

bobbins weaving machine

In the scope of this project, FORWISS undertakes both installation engineering tasks and a new scientific challenge in image processing. Choosing the cameras and the hardware for image processing culminating in developing the software for detection and classification are work packages that meet in a new quality assurance system for textile fabrics.

Further informations can be found at the website http://www.qualitex-online.de/ (only in german language).

Project staff

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