Optical Measurement of Granite Tranches.

Automatic contour recognition

In association with Kusser Aicha Granitwerke FORWISS has developed an optical measuring system for granite plates. The informations on these so called tranches are saved in a relational database system. During the measuring process the system will automatically recognize parts of the tranche that were marked as defective by simply covering the surface with painted tiles.

In addition a colored picture of a small part of the tranche will be shot in order to classify the surface color and structure of the granite tranche. This picture will also be stored in the database.

Kusser Aicha Granitwerk - ball spring

On the basis of the database proper tranches could be chosen by a sales­clerk to simplify customer requests. To do this, it had been necessary to implement intelligent search functions, an estimation and optimization of the production waste and the value of the remaining tranche, and the possibility of comparing the surface collor of different tranches

The whole software system can be controlled with a modern interactive user interface and leads to efficient storage administration and quality assurance in a middle class company.

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