Sensor and context based control and regulation

Nowadays, with increasing mechanisation many control processes get more and more complex and confuse the user by reacting in a way, he didn't expect.

As an example we regard a typical conference, where different people give short lectures. During a lecture other lightning conditions than during discussions are needed. An open window should be closed if a train passes. And if the sun is too bright, the sunblind should be lowered.

The goal of this project is to improve the acquisition of context information out of the sensors' data, so that user interaction can be minimized. This comprises the tracking of authorized persons for gesture based controlling of the environment, but it is also envisioned to interact by speech recognition. This way the system can do further inquiry if the desires are ambiguous. The important thing is, to have an overall target set by the user, not just a single action. Thereby, this target can be achieved in different ways. For example the order "a bit brighter in the front" can be executed either by turning on the light or by unshuttering the sunblind. Both will illuminate the room. This also plays a major role for e.g. assisted living, disabled people, hospitals, rehab facilities, hotels, schools, and so on.

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